Who we are

FAS is founded and lead by Dr Jen Unwin and Heidi Giaever, both self-confessed food addicts and trained Food Addiction Counsellors.

We receive active support from various research teams, academia and clinical practice. All those involved in FAS are currently volunteers and our partner organisations are also voluntary.

Our Team

Heidi Giaever

Founder of The Collaborative Health Community, CFK and co-founder of Food Addiction Solutions (FAS)

Dr. Jen Unwin

PsyD, FBPSs co-founder of Food Addiction Solutions (FAS)

Clarissa Kennedy

RSW, Sweet Sobriety co-founder

Molly Painschab

LCPC/LAC, Sweet Sobriety co-founder

Fiona Griffiths


And you?

To volunteer or find out more about the FAS please contact us using the contact form.