Welcome to The Collaborative Health Community

The Collaborative Health Community (CHC) is a UK registered charity set up as a ‘home’ for projects and initiatives, related to improving the food environment and wellbeing in communities, through creativity and collaboration.

Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

OUR VISION is to become, and remain, the organisation and home of choice for community health, nutrition and wellbeing initiatives, where real and natural food comes first.

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Our Mission

OUR MISSION as the home of our projects, is to provide leadership and a collaborative and supportive environment that allows community health and wellbeing initiatives to thrive and grow sustainably.

Our projects

Each project housed within the CHC operates independently, but also in partnership with sister projects, where this is of benefit to all parties.

The CHC promotes all of its projects and their brand values to build awareness and support to achieve its vision.

Collaboration for Kids

Where real food comes first

CFK is an ambitious, scientific, evidence-based project of voluntary collaboration between parents, carers, children of all ages, educational and healthcare professionals, researchers, academics and more.

Our goal is to help children and families turn away from ultra-processed foods inspiring them to choose real and natural foods, the way nature intended, to improve health and well-being.

Food Addiction Solutions

Food Addiction Solutions (FAS) is a project to spearhead activities that can lead to the recognition of food addiction as a disease and appropriate treatment.

Our vision is a society where the addictive nature of certain foods is recognised, and focused treatment programmes are being funded, to improve health outcomes for sufferers.

We are holding a one-day conference on 17 May in London to launch a consensus statement from clinicians and researchers working in the field. Visit the IFACC 2024 page to find out more…

Who we are

The CHC is an entirely voluntary organisation where all formal and informal boards, trustees, supporting teams and working structures are made up of unsalaried volunteers.

Our people are our most valued and most fundamental resource. It is their passion, their ideas, their determination and their contribution to the projects that ensure that our vision and mission will be met and the projects a success.


For more information or if you are interested in volunteering please contact us using the form below.

For specific enquiries regarding our projects, please go to the corresponding project page.