IFACC 2024

The first ever International Food Addiction Consensus Conference, IFACC 2024, was held in London on 17th May 2024 to celebrate the Consensus reached between 37 out of 40 international researchers, academics and clinicians, with 250 delegates and 350 Live-Steam watchers around the world.

We are excited to give you the opportunity to purchase access to videos of the talks delivered during IFACC 2024, along with the powerpoint presentations. These are suitable for anyone and everyone interested in the subject of Food Addiction – whether it is a personal connection or concern, or from a professional perspective.

The speakers included Dr Robert Lustig, Michael Moss and other renowned opinion leaders in the field, sharing their experience and perspectives. Please note, although Dr Chris van Tulleken spoke at the conference, it is not possible to access his presentation.

For recordings of the speaker presentations and copies of their slides, please make a donation to help support the work of our charity. The suggested minimum donation is £25.00 - please use the donate button on the right. Once you have donated please email conferences@the-chc.org to confirm your donation. An email will be sent to you within 3 working days of your donation with the relevant link and an alert message will be sent to you via Just Giving. If you do not receive either message, and have checked your junk mail, please contact us and we will attend to it as soon as we can.

The event also saw the release of a Consensus Statement on Food Addiction from international researchers and clinicians. You can view this statement by clicking on the link to the right.

The event was run on a voluntary basis and kindly supported by our strategic partners and sponsors: The Nutrition Coalition, The Society of Metabolic Healthcare Practitioners and many more organisations and individuals.

Thank you for your support.

Our speakers and talks

Our speakers and talks

Dr. Chris van Tulleken

09.05 Ultra - Processed Food: Addiction, Policy and the Need for this Conference

Dr. Robert Lustig

09.30 The Battle Over Food Addiction

Michael Moss

10.15 The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Dr. Vera Tarman

11.30 Beyond Moderation Into Abstinence: Why Food Addicts Need Zero Tolerance

Prof. Adrian Soto-Mota

12.15 Lessons Learnt from patients about Food Addiction

Dr. Erica LaFata

13.45 The Research on Why UPF Food Addiction is Best Conceptualized as a Substance-Use Disorder

Dr. David Wiss

14.30 Ultra-Processed Foods and Mental Health: Where do Eating Disorders Fit into the Puzzle?

Dr. Timothy Brewerton

15.15 A Psychiatric Perspective: Significance of Food Addiction in Evaluation & Treatment of Eating Disorders and Related Comorbidity

Dr. Anna Lembke, MD

16.05 From Dopamine Nation to Dopamine Planet

Dr. Nicole Avena

16.40 Your Brain on Food: Neuroscience Perspectives of Food Addiction

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson

17.25 Ultra-Processed Food Addiction Solutions: What Next?

Dr. Robert Lustig

17.55 Rallying Call - Where from here?