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Why volunteer for the CFK

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Passionate members

We are a team of people passionate about improving the diet and health of our children, united behind a common cause. We believe we can inspire and help children and their families to make important changes to their eating behaviours that will make them healthier and happier.

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Driven volunteers

What children are eating today is not working. Sadly, statistics show that children are getting fatter, unhealthier and more unhappy, to the extent that life expectancy for youngsters is on the decline for the first time. This is a man-made tragedy that we in CFK cannot allow to continue.

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Operational experts

CFK is committed to developing solutions that work to reverse this, through our delivery teams meeting children and families in many different aspects of their lives – at nurseries, schools, doctors, dentists and more. We also have a team of operational experts such as HR, Marketing, Project Management and IT working together to achieve the CFK goals.


Our current volunteer vacancies are listed on LinkedIn and the REACH volunteering network.

Or if you’d rather just send us an email including your CV and/or a brief description of your skills and experience and what you think you could bring to the project please use the contact us form.


CFK are actively looking for strategic partners who share our goals and evidence-based approach to improving sustainable metabolic health at population level. For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, please contact us.


We are raising funds for the start-up and development of the CFK project. Please click below to donate and support us